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Knights of the Holy Order of Deborah

Knight's of The Holy Order of Deborah,

Knight Of The Order

Knight Of The Order,  (Knight) is the mid-level rank of The Knights of the Holy Order of Deborah, and must be achieved before advancing further in our order.  The details of this rank are as follows:

Qualification for the Rank: This rank is available to all Knights Squires that meet the requirements established for advancement to Knighthood within this Order.  Upon fulfilling the established requrements, the Squire may be recommended for Knighthood by his or her sponsoring Knight.  The  recommending Knight or eligible Squire must fill out and submit the Recommendation Form along with the suggested contribution.

Duties of this Rank: The duties of this rank, in addition to the duties of the preceding rank, involve the regular, daily practice of charitable acts through the voluntary but strongly encouraged adherence to the discipline of this rank.

Discipline of this Rank: The discipline of this rank, in addition to the discipline of the preceding rank, involves the diligent practice of charity to others.  This can range from the practice of courteous and considerate behavior toward those we encounter in our daily lives, to more involved charitable acts.  Knights of this rank are encouraged to keep a journal of their daily charitable activities following this suggested guide:

1. Daily, disciplined practice of courteous and charitable activity as described above.

2. Note should be made as to the time, place, and circumstances of the activity.

3. Journal entries should address the following questions which the Knight should endeavor to answer:

1) What courteous or charitable activity did this situation require of me?

2) Did my actions fit the situation properly?

3) Did I do the most I could in this situation, or did I do the least? (Be honest with yourself).

4) Is there anything I should have done differently, now that I can look back on my actions?

5) Did my actions reflect my Christian beliefs and faith so that Christ was glorified?

To help you with your journal keeping you may download a .pdf file of the journal form for this rank here.

Spiritual Weapons of this Rank: The spiritual weapons of this rank, in addition to those of the preceding rank, are the Helmet of Salvation, to discipline our minds to act properly, and the Breastplate of Righteousness, to open our hearts to the troubles and discomforts of others. These are presented to us in the following Bible verses:

"...And take the helmet of salvation..;" Ephesians 6:17a

"...and having on the breastplate of righteousness;" Ephesians 6:14b

Medal of this Rank: The medal of this rank is the Medal of Knights of the Holy Order of Deborah, Knight.  This medal builds upon the medal of the preceding rank, with the addition of a second sword, this one pointing from right to left. This second sword arranged in this manner is representative of the altruistic nature of the discipline of this rank(We need to discuss this and design a logo for this order for the medal). No actual medal is awarded, but is represented by the graphic on the Certificate of Knighthood awarded to this rank. The certificate for this rank is 11 x 8 1/2 inches, printed on quality parchment paper with full color graphics, and contains the medal of this rank and the seal of Shield Of Faith Chrisitan Ministries.  In addition to the full-sized certificate, the Knight will also receive a laminated wallet-sized version of the certificate useful for identifying and verifying your rank.

Title Abbreviation: Knights of this rank may use any of the following Title Abbreviations - KHOD(K),  and KHOD. The proper form to use is:

Your Full Name, KHOD

Recommendation for this Rank: To recommend for this rank simply print and have Squire fill out the Recommendation form and send it along with a check or money order for the suggested contribution of $40.00 (Forty Dollars) to:

Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Newman
Orders new address

Alternative Method Of Recommendation: You can place your order online safely and securely through PayPal by clicking on the button below. Useful for paying by credit card or even electronic check!

Place link here for paypal 

Note: If ordering online by credit card or electronic check you can send in your application via e-mail. To do so, simply "cut and paste" the order form into the body of an e-mail and send to Rev. Elizabeth Newman

Thank you for participating in The Knights of the Holy Order of Deborah.  May your continued participation in our order be spiritually rewarding and edifying to you.  God bless you.

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