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Shield Of Faith Christian Ministries takes and processes requests for Ordination from men and women.  A computer or form cannot ordain you.  An Individual requesting ordination through this ministry must be a member in good standing of this ministry,  must be an active member of this ministries Bulletin board      (The Chaplain's Bugle Call ). 
Shield Of Faith Christian Ministries will review your application and email you within 72 hrs.
These areas are taken into consideration when submitting an application for Ordination:
  • Previous Ministry Work
  • Membership within this ministry
  • Active membership on this ministries Bulletin Board  (The Chaplain's Bugle Call) 
  • Application Information
  • Views on same sex marriage ( We do not condone, permit or perform same sex marriages.)
  • Previous Service
  • Shield Of Faith Christian Ministry Board Input
  • Statement of Faith
Whenever possible new Ministers with the Ministry are Ordained by laying of the hands from the senior Chaplain.  Shield Of Faith Christian Ministries will have several Regional meetings every year to engage in member fellowship and for hands on Ordinations. Hands on Ordinations "are not" required to be ordained. There are never any fees associated with becoming ordained through us and this will continue to be free of any charges.
Each minister, ordained through this ministry, will endeavor to walk humbly in the footsteps of Christ. This humility dictates that titles take second place to service to our fellow man. This means we do not take on titles that are not appropriate for the service we are called to. 

Ordinations issued by the governing board of SOFCM are subject to immediate revocation in instances of conduct unbecoming of a servant of the Lord. Such revocations are not made lightly and are brought before the board where they are prayerfully considered and enacted as time and situations dictate. All decisions are final.

If you are interested in becoming a minister through our ministry and have the ability to perform weddings, funerals, blessings, baptisms and preach the Lord's word, please follow the link below to our Ordination application.

Ordination Request Form


  Shield Of Faith Christian Ministries
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(580) 540-6198
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