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Knights of the Holy Order of Deborah

  Welcome to the online home
of The
Knights of the Holy Order of Deborah


Deborah was a prophet and judge of Israel after Ehud.  She prophisied victory for Israel and spoke for the Lord to Barak, who was commanded to lead Israel to victory over Sisera and the Canaanites.  Due to his fear, Deborah actually led the army of Israel to victory.

Judges 4:5-9 (KJV)

 5And she dwelt under the palm tree of Deborah between Ramah and Bethel in mount Ephraim: and the children of Israel came up to her for judgment.

 6And she sent and called Barak the son of Abinoam out of Kedeshnaphtali, and said unto him, Hath not the LORD God of Israel commanded, saying, Go and draw toward mount Tabor, and take with thee ten thousand men of the children of Naphtali and of the children of Zebulun?

 7And I will draw unto thee to the river Kishon Sisera, the captain of Jabin's army, with his chariots and his multitude; and I will deliver him into thine hand.

 8And Barak said unto her, If thou wilt go with me, then I will go: but if thou wilt not go with me, then I will not go.

 9And she said, I will surely go with thee: notwithstanding the journey that thou takest shall not be for thine honour; for the LORD shall sell Sisera into the hand of a woman. And Deborah arose, and went with Barak to Kedesh.

A Hebrew definition of to judge is Shaphat

to judge, govern, vindicate, punish (Qal) to act as law-giver or judge or governor (of God, man) 1a to rule, govern, judge to decide controversy (of God, man) to execute judgment 1a discriminating (of man) 1a vindicating 1a condemning and punishing 1a at theophanic advent for final judgment (Niphal) to enter into controversy, plead, have controversy together to be judged (Poel) judge, opponent-at-law (participle)

Lexicons - Old Testament Hebrew Lexicon - New American Standard Hebrew Lexicon - Shaphat

Deborah was a strong, independent, courageous woman and warrior for our Lord and Savior.  She was steadfast in her faith to God and fearless in the face of adversity.  It is in her example that we formed The Knights of The Holy order of Deborah, which has become a world wide Brotherhood of Christians who share the same committment to our Lord Jesus Christ and love of our Brothers and sisters of like precious faith.  The Knights of The Holy Order of Deborah is a chivalric order available exclusively to the members of the Shield Of Faith Christian Ministries.  Memebership is by invitation only, consists of three ranks, and is irrespective of gender, race, or nationality.

The motto of the Knights of Deborah is:

"In fide et in bello"  or  "Firm in faith and in war"

Membership in the Knights of the Holy order of Deborah is restricted to those who are consecrated into the Apostolic Succession in the lineage of the Prophetess Deborah.  This is a traceable, verifiable lineage held in record by the Shield of Faith Christian Ministries, and Order of Corporate Reunion archives as well as other archives.  The Knights of The Holy Order of Deborah is in direct Apostolic Succession to The Prophetess Deborah and was established on November 23,2009, when the Apostolic Succession was conferred upon between our founders. 

Purpose and Ministry

The Purpose and mission of The Knights of The Holy Order of Deborah are several. These are:

1.  First and foremost to be Ambassadors of Jesus Christ, spreading the Gospel of Our Lord zealously, courageously and without fear.

2.  To follow the example of Deborah in all aspects of faith, practice and morality even unto death, remaining loyal to Jesus Christ always.

3.  To love our fellow man as Jesus did, ministering to all, never holding back when asked.

4.  To love our Brothers and Sisters in The Lord, always upbuilding, never tearing down and giving of our lives to protect them.

5.  To perform charitable works in whatever capacity we are able to, in secret and using the instructions found in Matthew Chapter 6:1-4.

6.  The building and improvement of Christian character in the individual.

What is Expected of The Knight of Deborah?

1.  First and foremost, total secrecy in our charitable works. We believe in the words of Jesus as found in Matthew Chapter 6 vs 1-4. A Knight of The Holy Order of Deborah will never reveal the name of the organization as a whole to anyone we help.

2.  A Knight of the Holy Order of Deborah will never reveal the identity of any Brother as a member of The Knights of The Holy Order of Deborah. Even a seemingly innocent request of a Brother's identity can be deceiving. (example, Matthew 2:7-8, 13-18).

3.  No written record of membership is made other than what is closely held by The Grand Commander of Knights in a secure location and no written credentials are presented.

4.  Member information will never be disclosed to anyone other than to the local chapter Knights Commander to maintain good order. The only complete list of members is known by the Grand Commander of Knights alone.

5.  A form of ID which is only recognized by a fellow Knight of Deborah will be presented to members. This form of ID is known only to members and will be the only identifying credential.

6.  All Brothers and Sisters in the Knights of The Holy Order of Deborah fall within one of the three below listed ranks:

      Knights Squire:  Entrance level of our order.

      Knight of The Holy Order of Deborah:  Mid-level   rank of our order.

      Knight's Commander:  A Commander of knights within a        specific area or Sector.

      Knight's Governor:  A Knights Commander, that directs or governs the activities of the Order within a specific region as specified by the directives of the Grand Knight and Council of Knights Governors.  The Highest ranks held within the Knights of the Holy Order of Deborah.   

      For the sake of good order, The Knight's Commander or his designee will conduct the meetings. (This point needs to be discussed and re-worded).

Note:  Our ranks are issued to qualified candidates regardless of gender which is to say, the title of "Knight" is awarded to both male and female members.  The only distinction of gender is in the title of address; i.e., the title of address for male members is"Sir Knight(first name)", and the title of address for female members is"Dame Knight(first name)", or alternatatively, "Lady Knight (first name)".

7.  A Knight of The Holy Order of Deborah shall at all times offer refuge and protection from persecution to his Brother at no cost and in secrecy.  This applies to any form of persecution as we believe is coming upon the Church in these the Last Days.  This shall in no way apply to those who commit crimes and would attempt to use the Knights oath of hospitality to evade law enforcement.  This provision is intended to apply only to religious persecution.

8.  A safe haven shall be provided by a Knight upon the request of the Grand Commander of Knights for the protection of an individual (not affiliated with the KHOD) from domestic abuse or fear of grave bodily harm.  This shall be done in total secrecy and directions are to be followed explicitly. 

9.  Hospitality: A Knight of Deborah shall offer hospitality to another Knight as though it were his own fleshly brother.  A Knight who is the recipient of such hospitality shall provide service or funds so as not to be a burden upon his host, and no guest shall overstay his welcome.  This provision is meant for hospitality during travels on a religious or charitable related activity and not intended as a free vacation.

10.   A Knight of The Holy Order of Deborah shall at all times examine Scripture, live by the example of the Prohet Deborah, be steadfast in loyalty to Christ and love his Brother and Sister as himself. 

11.  A Knight of The Holy Order of Deborah must care for his or her family and preside over his/her own household in a manner befitting in The Lord Jesus Christ.  Teach the Scriptures in love to his/her children, never exasperating but with the goal of raising Godly children. 

Membership Requirements

1.   First and foremost you must be a Christian of good character and knowlegable of the Scriptures. You must be of pure motives and heart and live a morally upright life.

2.  You must be willing to give of yourself in charitable works and be committed to prayer and faith.

3.  You may apply to become a member individually or you may be invited by a Knight who can attest to your character.

4.  You must accept the Apostolic Succession and meet the requirements for consecration, which will be explained at your personal interview.

5.  Once accepted, you must make arrangements to have your formal consecration performed at the earliest convenience. There is no requirement to pay any dues or tithes of any kind to the Knights of The Holy Order of Deborah.  ( This point need to be discussed and possibly re-worded)

Types of Charitable Works

The types of charitable activities performed by The Knights of The Holy Order of Deborah are many and varied. Here is a partial listing of the types of work we do:

1.  Provide shelter to victims of domestic abuse.

2.  Help the elderly in whatever capacity is needed: ie:roof repairs, errands, visits etc...

3.  Nursing Home Visits.

4.  Disaster relief response.

5.  Counselling addicts and alcoholics in a biblical counselling setting.

6.  Feed and clothe the homeless and care for the indigent This is simply an abstract of the types of work we do and is by no means an exhaustive list.

Oath of a Knight of The Holy Order of Deborah

On Oath; I agree to live a life of service to God in the example of the Prophet Deborah.  Always shall I remain loyal to my Lord Jesus Christ and never shall I betray my Brothers and Sisters of like precious faith.  I uphold the Holy Scriptures as the Word of God and will never hold back proclaiming the Good News of The Christ.  I will at all times speak truth and exemplify honesty and integrity in all matters, secular and religious.  I will devote a set time each day to prayer and study and live a life of faith, charity and good works so that at the last trumpet call, my Lord may say to me, "Well done, my good and faithful slave". 


We find that Scripture alone is sufficient as a code of conduct and By-Laws.  All Scripture is inspired of God and beneficial for teaching, reproving and setting things straight.  Therefore, nothing we can write as a By-Law can compare to the guidelines already in place in The Holy Bible.  Anything beyond Scripture as a guideline then becomes a man made rule and not necessary to our purpose and ministry.  Hence, in all matters regarding faith and practice we refer to Scriptures alone.

How to contact The Knights of The Holy Order of Deborah

Thank you for taking the time to browse our web site.  If you are interested in learning more about The Knights of The Holy Order of Deborah, you may contact us in the following manner: Drop an email to or call us at (580)540-6198.  Leave a message referring to The Knights of Deborah and someone will get back to you.  Remember, there is no fee or dues attached to membership in this Order.  It is a charitable Christian organization dedicated to providing good works without any expectation of an earthly reward. 

Thank you and God Bless

The Knights of The Holy Order of Deborah

Knight's Squire

  Shield Of Faith Christian Ministries
Lawton, Oklahoma 73505
(580) 540-6198
Copyright   2010 Shield of Faith Christian Ministries. All Rights Reserved.